Jerfereza Daviano:A Man Who Knows Three Islands

 – A new journey –


A man came to Sendai whose name is Jerfereza Daviano. He’s called Reza.


28-year-old man who was born in Indonesia came to Japan to study in  Tohoku University. He was full of hope.


He goes to school with his favorite camera, notebook and pen, and laptop. He is an intelligent exchange student from Indonesia.

 – Raised in an Island –


He was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, surrounded by a lot of family members.
Every time he goes back home, family always gets together. Smiles in family relieve him.

 – The Second Island –


That is Malay Peninsula.
He entered the college in Malaysia and graduated in 2011. He started working in Kuala Lumpur, the biggest city in Malaysia.
After that, I encountered him.

 – The First Meeting –



We met in Malacca, a well known for world heritage site, in August 2011. My first impression of Reza was that he was a man with a little Japanese-speaking skill. But at that time, I rarely spoke English so we couldn’t communicate very well.
We both had never imagined that we would meet again at this point.

 – In Japan –


We met again in Tokyo in 2012. Reza took a trip to Kyoto, Osaka and visited Tokyo to meet me. We went to Tokyo tower, grabbed food in Shin-okubo and took a walk around Emperal Palace.
I was so happy that he liked Japan. His Japanese had improved a lot. Hard work and study do pay off.

 – Two Times in Kuala Lumpur –


I visited Kuala Lumpur twice, in June and September 2013. The KL Marathon to be held in June was postponed due to “haze” and this was announced just a day before the marathon. So I decided to meet Reza and we headed to the Genting Highlands. The moments with Reza were really impressive even though I lost my money at the casino in Genting Highlands.


In September, the KL Marathon  finally took place. The finish point is Merdeka Square. Although it was very early in the morning, Reza came to the square to cheer for me.


I won  first place ahead of  two Kenyans. I still cherish the gold medal I got in the marathon. Reza seemed to be very happy with my victory.

 – Again… –

I was thinking of participating in the KL Marathon again next year but I couldn’t. I told him so but what he told me after that definitely made me happy.

He decided to run the KL Marathon alone! The picture of him holding a finishers’ medal made me relieved.


I asked him how he felt after the race. He answered…

“It was truly a great feeling to be able to finish the race. I was tired and excited at the same time.”

“My initial expectation was it’s gonna be hard. It was! But after running I have the feeling that I could do it if I try hard.

 – Decision –


I visited him in the end of 2014.
He set his heart on studying in Japan.  And  spring in 2015, he passed the entrance exam of Tohoku University. Yes, hard study and endeavor do pay off.

 – Love for Japan –

“I have the feeling that I could do it if I try hard.”
His words express himself.



He is finally in Japan learning Japanese tradition, people and hospitality.

He has just started a new life here in Japan. Who knows how many islands he will go in the future.


Jerfereza Daviano 

Born in June 13, 1987, in Jakarta, Indonesia. After graduating from university in Malaysia, started working in Kuala Lumpur. October 2015, entered Tohoku University. He’s into camera.

LINK:日本語の旅 (Blog) 


Posted by Tsukasa Kawarai

Translated by Rie Kawarai

Photo by Jerfereza Daviano, Tsukasa Kawarai

(c) 2015 T.Kawarai all rights reserved

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