Kenta Togashi:From Hokkaido to Guam

– To Southern Sea “Guam, USA” –



A man heading to southern sea from northern sea. It takes three hours from Narita. His name is Kenta Togashi, who is loved by a lot of runners in Guam.


– From Northern Sea “Hokkaido, JAPAN” –


He’s raised in the northern sea area, technically speaking, in the northern land. He began running in school days and become a citizen runner after graduation. He ran in the national university Ekiden as a 7 stage runner when he was in Sapporo Gakuin University.


On top of that, he is into skiing, ice skating, curling and trail running.


– Race Trip –

He ran full marathon in time of 2:35:45, half marathon in 1:12:15. He got a prize in Chitose JAL Marathon and dispatched to Korea.


After a few years later, he got to go to southern sea. He got a ticket to Guam and headed there for the first time.


– Meet Mr. Manny –

Although he went to Guam, he had no idea what to do. He found a certain sport shop in Tumnning named Hornet Sports. Manny, who is a member of Guam running club, help him out. They hit it off soon. In hindsight, everything stared at that moment.


“Nothing would have happened if I hadn’t met Manny.”


– Friendship –

From this year, Kenta visits Guam every year. His energy inspired the members of Guam running club.


He met local elite runners and visited local elementary schools. He also participated in local 5k race (Gorish 5k) and came 2nd Place.





He became popular among runners in Guam.


– People in Guam –

Polynesians are very calm and easygoing people. Happy atmosphere fills the land. The number of runners is taking off but there’s not so many elite runners in Guam. He says




“Running is like a connection with others. People like to run just for fun.”

He comes to Guam all the way from Hokkaido because he loves this Guam.


– Give and Take –

Ryan Matienzo who is a elite runner in Guam got to run Toyohiragawa-river Half Marathon in 2015. Because there are some races in Guam which partner with races in Japan. Kenta gave Ryan and staffs from Guam Visitors Bureau a tour around Hokkaido and vice versa.


This is genuine “give and take.”


– What you can learn from him –


1. Pursuing your passion all the time. No matter how old you are, it is very important to pursue what you want to do. Be adventurous.

2. Do it over and over again. Good results only come from continuous effort.

3. Respect other people You can’t build strong relationships with people without respect and consideration.



– Welcoming people –

Inbound tourism consumption is expanding these days in Japan, of course same as Hokkaido. As a interpreter in tourism, he says


“I would like to offer good place to meet people and unforgettable experiences. To do that, improving the tourism situation is required. “He contributes to tourism boom in Japan. People want to “experience” something, rather than “buy” something.


– He is a real ambassador –


His next short-term goal is to take his friends in Hokkaido to Guam. His friends will love Guam and go back to northern sea from southern sea.



Kenta Togashi 

Born in November 9, 1978, in Hokkaido, Japan. Citizen Runner. He ran in the national university Ekiden as a 7 stage runner when he was in Sapporo Gakuin University. PB 42k: 2:35:45, 21k: 1:12:15. He visits Guam frequently.

LINK:Guam Running Club ちばりよーRC

Posted by Tsukasa Kawarai

Translated by Rie Kawarai

Photo by Kenta Togaashi, Guam Running Club, Tsukasa Kawarai

(c) 2015 T.Kawarai all rights reserved

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